Sometimes I think it's so funny that I'm married to a musician. We could not be more different in our talents and loves, but somehow we make it work very well and love each other. I have been married to a musician for 9 years and still know nothing about music. Aaron has been married to me for 9 years and still doesn't know a zone defense from man to man. See, we are even. I love it.

Although I don't know a D minor from a C plus I do know when I hear music that I love. (That's a joke … I do know that a C plus is not a note but a bad grade in school!) I know when something is good and when something is pretty crappy! One of my favorite favorite favorite Austin artists is MATT McCLOSKEY. I first found out about Matt through Jimmie & Laura. Jimmie plays with Matt a lot and Laura and Matt's wife, Kayley are good friends. I am absolutely in love with Matt's last album called THESE TIMES WON'T LAST. It is one of those records that I can seriously listen to over and over and over again on a road trip. The songs are so catchy and soul wrenching. I love it!


I am so excited that Matt has a new album coming out and his CD release show is right here in Austin this Friday night at the Belmont! I am so excited for this show. I have not ever been let down by a Matt McCloskey show. He is a great songwriter and great performer. I have listened to this album and once again his songs are full of life and emotion. His ecclectic sound is one that never gets old. A little bit of country and a little bit of rock n roll. That combination makes for a great night of music!


Not only will McCloskey be at this concert promoting his new album, but Pastures and David Ramirez will be there as well. I also love to watch Jimmie and Aaron play with Matt as well. It is fun to see my man in this element. He gets to just play music with great artists and have a totally different role. Lots of fun!

One of the coolest things that Matt is doing before his CD release party is that each day he is giving away a FREE download to one of his songs! Yes each day you can get a FREE song! All of us love something free, and especially if it's something that is super good for free! Head on over to WWW.LISTENTOMATT.COM right now and get your free download each day! You will not be disappointed!

So, here's what I'm asking from you …..

  1. Go check out Matt's website:
  2. Follow Matt on twitter:
  3. Be Matt's friend on Facebook:
  4. Go buy a song from Matt's last album and tell me what song you bought!
  5. Tell your friends about my giveaway either on facebook, twitter or blogs!

Leave me a different comment for each one of those things telling me what you did and I'll enter you for a free copy of this record on VINYL. If you love music you know that this is a super duper cool deal! Aaron wanted to release his album on vinyl and never did. He is so happy that Matt is! He says there's just something about a record.


So, cool and so easy to win. All you have to do is leave me a comment for each thing you did. That means you could get FIVE entries! FIVE chances to win. Not too shabby! If you leave a comment I'll have a code for you to get a free download, so no matter what you come away with something for nothing! That's a good deal!

Okay go friends and listen to my friend Matt. I hope that if you live in Austin you can join us on Friday night for a great show! You will not be disappointed!