2011 is here!  We just got home from Family Camp today (I'll tell you more about it soon!) and tomorrow we are starting our cleanse for the new year.  Starting fresh with food is a good thing and for me this will be a physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

Tomorrow we are starting the Master Cleanse, also known as The Lemonade Diet.  This consist of no eating, but only drinking this lemonade concoction to help cleanse your system.  I have done this once before and made it a grand total of 2 days.  This time I'm going for ten days.  I need this cleanse for a few reasons:

  1. I want to clean out my body.  I want to flush out toxins and start fresh.  I have eaten very badly over the holidays and need to start fresh and new!
  2. I have always been an emotional eater, but over the past couple of months it sometimes feels as though it's taking over my mind.  I eat for comfort.  Then i feel awful.  Then I eat and then I feel awful.  It's a vicious cycle and I'm hoping and praying that during this cleanse/fast I can experience true self control.
  3. I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't hope to lose a few pounds on this thing.  If I make it 10 days I'm sure I'll lose some weight on this thing. I know that I'll gain most of it back, but I feel as though it will be good for my body to go through this cleansing time and get rid of some of the toxins and bad stuff.

So, the cleanse is freshly squeezed lemons, maple syrup & cayenne pepper.  You drink 6-12 glasses of that a day and drink lots of water.  You also do a salt water cleanse each morning or night to get all the “crap” out of you.

There are a couple of friends that are doing this at the same time as me.  Hopefully we can be an encouragement to each other to stay strong even when it gets tough.  So, any of you want to join?

Here are some websites that give lots more information on this than I could:

What is the Master Cleanse


The Raw Food Site website talking about the Master Cleanse

You can even get a Master Cleanse app for your phone to help you out!

Here are some benefits listed on one Master Cleanse website:

The Master Cleanse is said to be the miracle diet because of the endless benefits it has on the body. The list of benefits is endless but here are some of the popular reasons why so many people are giving this diet an honest try!

  • Your body will experience a powerful, natural boost of energy, vitality and focus. All those overeating or unhealthy eating has accumulated tons of deadly toxins. Flushing of this toxins gives your body the “breather” it requires to function properly again!
  • The Master Cleanse diet is also used for weight loss. Celebrities have vowed that this diet works like magic when it comes to losing weight. Beyonce Knowles lost over 22lbs in 14 days and kept that weight off permanently!
  • Better, clearer skin in 10 days. Forget about pricy skin treatments or expensive lotions or a visit to dermatologist that’s at least going to cost you $200! The Master Cleanse can give you your youthful appearance in 10 short days!
  • Put an end to digestion problems, acid reflux and heartburn – the Master cleanse is the best natural and healthiest solution to all these pesky problems.
  • Eliminate unhealthy eating habits with the Master Cleanse. When your body experiences the lighter side of the cleanse (healthy dose of vitamins and minerals) for 3-10 days, it will never ingest unhealthy foods again!
Jamie Ivey