Today was day one of my cleanse and I have a few things to share.  Since I really want to finish my book, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, and only have 25 pages left I will make this a bullet point post.  (Also until the day I die I will think of my friend Rachel when I type in bullet points!!)


Here we go ….


  • I am doing this alone and that is a first for me.  I have done this once before and don't think I could have survived without Aaron doing it with me.  I have noticed that I depend on him a lot.  Nothing wrong here.  Just that most of the time I find my worth in his thoughts of me instead of in God's.  I run to Aaron instead of running to God.  I never thought I could do a cleanse without him, but when he said he couldn't do it I decided to go forth with it anyways.  I must say that I'M DANG PROUD OF MYSELF.  I truly prayed this morning for God to grant me self-control and will power.  HE is the only way I'll get it because on my own I have nothing!
  • We eat a lot in our country.  Food is a big deal.  We took the kids to Whole Foods tonight and if you've been to the mecca of Whole Foods here in Austin then you know that you are literally surrounded by every good and holy food known to man kind!!  Everything looked good.  Surprising to me it wasn't that hard.  Yes I found myself wanting to finish their mac n cheese, but I was good.  I did well.  I didn't find my thoughts taking over my mind.
  • Third, It is seven days of my life.  Get over it Jamie.
  • Also, I found myself wanting to tell everyone I was doing this.  Oh pride how you are so sneaky!

So, tonight I'm about to go drink my “smooth move” tea and yes it does what it says and prepare my mind and heart for day two.  Last time at the end of day one I think I was miserable and thought my life was over.  Geez.  For the love.  Tonight I'm good.  Wishing I could have eaten a dessert at Thunderbird and really wishing I could have eaten the steak, broccoli, caprise salad and wine that Aaron had tonight.  But other than that.  I'm good.  Day two here I come.

Jamie Ivey