This morning I am starting day #4 on the cleanse.  Hoping to go seven days on this thing.  Although everything I read says that to really get the great effects of the cleanse you should go a minimum of 10.  Wow.

Here's the truth.  It's not that hard.

Here's also the truth.  Yes sometimes I'm hungry.  But I'm not feeling like I'm starving.  I drink my drinks and the hunger goes away.

Okay day 2 was H.A.R.D.  Day 2 seemed to be hard for me last time I think.  I seriously was down on myself.  Wanted to eat and thought about food a lot.  Good thing is that Aaron decided to do it with me, so he's on this journey too.  That means I'm making lots of lemonaid throughout the day!

The night of day 2 Aaron and I sat on the couch and watched THE BOOK OF ELI, which was quite weird and quite good at the same time.  Also (SPOILER ALERT) … we didn't know he was blind.  We watched the whole thing and the next day someone said isn't it cool that he was blind.  How did we miss that?  Anyhow back to day 2 … we sat and watched a movie and I found my most favorite new cooking blog.  Now keep in mind there aren't tons of recipes, it's not full of great cooking tips, but instead it's just super simple vegan recipes with great illustrations.  I love it.  Check out THE VEGAN STONER when you get a chance.  Here's a sample of how they put recipes up:

Isn't that just the cutest thing that makes you want to cook with your kids.  That looks like such a fun way for kids to look at recipes too.

Day 3 was much better.  Yes I was still hungry, but I wasn't grumpy and wasn't down about it.  Day 3 is like a light in the tunnel that says YOU CAN DO THIS JAMIE!

Since Aaron and I didn't want to sit on the couch again at night and watch a movie without chips & salsa we decided to do the next best thing.  We cleaned out our pantry!!  Oh I love organization.  I sometimes am not the best at initiating and doing it, but once it's done I am one happy momma!  We went to IKEA and stocked up glass containers, came home and started to renovate!  It was fun.  I'll show you before and after pictures soon.  🙂

I also want to tell you that I have worked out 2 of the 3 days I've been on this.  60 min on stairmaster and 45 min on incline treadmill.

So, here's to day four starting.  I just sent Aaron off to church with 40 oz to get him through the morning!  Hopefully the food in the green room this morning is not to enticing for him.  Although he is super-will-power-man and doesn't seem to be bothered by food.  Me on the other hand super wimp when I'm around food.  We took the kids to Which Wich last night and I seriously drooled all over myself while looking at their fabulous tuna sandwiches!