This year we went to the kick off for the Marathon Kids event and my kids loved it.  Even if we sat in the stands for about 45 minutes while people gave speeches (are you kidding me?!??!), they sill loved it.  They got a water bottle at the finish line and all the boys thought they were surely the fastest kids out there.


I have not one picture of the boys, because I got the privilege of running with sweet Story.  She did so fabulous and ran the entire lap, which actually was about a 300 yrd dash, but really who's counting!


Look at Story-girl RUN!!!


Afterwards we took our picture with the banana.  This was right after she crossed the finish line and she was exhausted.  She kinda has this look that is perplexed that I even suggested we take a picture with a banana after she just ran for so long!

“are you serious mom, a banana, after I just ran!”


Then we saw the cheerleaders and I thought she would LOVE to take her picture with them.  Again she gave me a look that suggested I was crazy.  My favorite thing about Story in this picture is her hook-em sign.  For the life of her she can't do it right!  I love it.  It's one of those things that your kid does wrong, but it's so cute you can't correct them!  That's Story's “get your horns up”!!!


So, my boys have a few months to run a marathon.  Then we'll go and let them run their final lap around the stadium and receive their t shirt.  Aaron and I have run a few times at Mueller and taken turns watching the kids and we'll let the kids run a lap with us.  They love it.


I wonder if any of my kids will run for the Texas Longhorns track team?!?!