Today at my house March Madness basketball is on every tv so that no matter where I am I can still stay in the game! It's a good thing Aaron is not home, because he would for sure be watching something else! He's not much into sports, so usually on weekends I veg in front of the tv and watch either college basketball or college football – I love it!

Another madness going on in my house today is cleaning. Aaron has been on the road all weekend and is due home in about 45 mintues! I have had all weekend to do my cleaning, but oh no I must wait until the day he is to arrive home. It's not that Aaron requires me to clean the house and keep up to his liking, but he is a happy man when he comes home to a clean house! It only took him telling me one time that it turned him on when I make the bed and so now I make sure every time he comes in from out of town if nothing else is done at least the bed is made!!!! Then we can mess it up!!! 🙂 Ha Ha!

So, the cleaning basket has been outside my bathroom since Wed afternoon. Also outside my bathroom was the mop and the toilet bowl cleaner. I have had to step over this every day since Wed and I finally used all the stuff and cleaned my bathroom today. 🙂 I HATE to clean! I HATE to clean!!! I am also doing laundry. How can two little boys go through so many clothes? My friend Shawnah told me before we brought little boy home that the major change when adding more kids to your family is laundry. She was right. I am always washing little kids clothes!

I have dusted the whole downstairs and swept all of downstairs too. Now I'm upstairs dusting, vacumming and picking up. I wish that I had a romantic bedroom. I feel as though our bedroom is just the place we end up at the end of the day. I want it to be romantic and inviting. I want us to have our special place! Anyone else fix everything else up in their house but their bedroom? It is always the holding spot for crap too until it finds a permanent place!

Well back up stairs to finish cleaning and comb my hair to look charming when hubby arrives home!!! Have a great week!

Jamie Ivey