Okay first I must say I am so sorry about the post from yesterday. Man, was I in a bad mood or what? I must say just in case you are wondering life is back to normal and I am feeling so well today! Last night was great and this morning I woke up happy and my head didn't hurt a bit. Life is better when your head isn't about to explode!

Today as I was making the boys lunches I started to wonder. What do other mom's feed their kids for lunch? I always want new ideas and a chance to get good healthy food in their bodies in new and fresh ways. As you may remember, Little Boy is not the best eater (of good food at least!) and Big Boy will eat just about anything!

Today they had 1/4 of a peanut butter (all natural, of course) sandwich on wheat bread, carrots (big boy only), grapes, apple slices, green beans and potatoes (from a can!), and yogurt. To drink they had some of the V8 juice that is fruit flavored – the LOVE it!

So, what's for dinner …. not so sure. Aaron is the cook, not me!

What do you feed your kids for lunch? Any great ideas on fun stuff to try that is healthy and good for them? Thanks for your thoughts