Two days a week for four and a half hours I have not one kid that I'm responsible for.  It is a life saver for me.  I love it so much.  On Thursday's I volunteer at Regan High School with our teen moms there and on Tuesday's Aaron and I meet for lunch.  It's our special lunch date and I look forward to it so much during the week.

Tuesday's we meet at the same restaurant and have a little game we're playing where we are trying to eat something new each week.  We are basically working our way through the menu and our waiter is even in on the fun with us.  Daniel always waits on us and knows our drink order before we even sit down.  He never fails to bring us chips and salsa and knows just how we like our salads.

I have a paper menu that I keep in my purse that we mark off each time we try something.

Middle of the day lunch dates are fun because it's as if you have to make a real effort to stop what you are doing and take time for your spouse.  Aaron is usually in the  middle of working on something and so it means so much to me when he gives me that hour in the middle of his work day.  We usually talk about non-romantic stuff and plan out our week and such, but we are together and that's the best.

Tuesday's are becoming one of my favorite days of the week.  I get a few hours of kid free time and I get a lunch with my man at a great restaurant.

What are your weekly traditions with your mate?  Do you date beyond the regular ole' date night stuff?  If not, I suggest you try it!  I love Tuesday lunches with my best friend.

Jamie Ivey