I did it.  A themed family night.  And I survived!

We went with the luau theme because quite frankly someone had already done the work for me and honestly it was super easy!  I got the idea from the website FAMILY MUSCLE and they listed out a whole idea for the luau and even have a pdf that you can download.  Isn't that easy!  It lists food ideas, activities and even has a devotional for your family to do together.  **Fail for us was that I forgot the whole devotional part!!!

I had the kids get on their best luau outfits and they were pumped to play outside in their swimsuits and play in the water!  It's the little things in life that make kids so happy!

I made the kids some pina-colada's that they thought were super-duper cool!  I hate pina colada's so I was happy to give them all of it!  We picked up some funky straws that made their drinks even more fun!

Then we got to the eating part!  We went with salmon on the grill and some Hawaiian rice that we found a recipe for online.  The kids were a little weirded out by the pineapple in the rice.  Next was dessert and it was super fun!  I got this idea from the FAMILY MUSCLE lua suggestion page.  We had fruit and marshmallows skewers that the kids made themselves and of course Aaron had to take it next level by melting some really good chocolate that we poured on top of the skewers.

And of course, what is a luau without a good ole game of limbo!  My kids loved this and of course Deacon won every single time.  I tried to explain to my kids that I used to do limbo on skates when I was a little kid.  They thought that was hilarious!  You guys remember those days?  Limbo at the skating rink?!

We had such a fun night!  I even had “Hawaiian music” playing from Pandora.  The kids loved it and I think you'll enjoy this video of them.  I'm pretty certain that the next day at school my kids told their teachers they had margaritas with their dinner!  Oh kids …..

Jamie Ivey