Last night was such a good night for my soul.  After everyone traveling all over the world (Mexico, Paris, UAE, & Nashville) our band family was together again around our dinner table enjoying a meal that we all created together!  I absolutely love nights like that.  We have been doing life with some of these people for almost a decade.

I've seen two of those boys single.

Find their love.

Marry their love.

I've seen a baby come home.

I've seen a newly married couple flourish in love.

I've seen a couple make big decisions about life.

They have seen my baby born.  Deacon adopted.  Amos & Story yearned for and finally home.  They have seen me at my best and many times at my worst.

I love these people.

*Photo by Steven Bush

At one point during dinner Deacon walked over to me and our conversation went like this:

Deacon:  Why do we have friends?

Me:  What do you mean?

D:  I mean why do we have friends?

M:  So that we have people do to life with.  People to eat dinner with.  People to go places with.  People to love.  People to have fun with.

D:  I'm glad we have great friends.

Then he was off and back to the kids table.

This morning at breakfast Amos prayed and thanked God for almost every single person that was at that table last night.  I smiled and thanked God for them as well and was so thankful that our community of friends is impacting my kids lives.

I hope that you have a community of friends that you do life with.  I can't imagine my life without these people.  They are truly the constant in our family.  They love my kids as if they are their own.  They take care of my kids when I need help.  They laugh with us and cry with us.

This morning I'm thankful!

Jamie Ivey