John 13:34 ” I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you.” (new century version)

I John 4:19 “We love because God first loved us.”

I had two very interesting converstaions today. They have both stayed in my mind all day long and no matter how much I try to move on, I just can't. They are tugging at my mind, my thoughts and my heart throughout the entire day. I'm mad that I said nothing in response, and mad that I didn't feel as though I had the security to say anything about these either.

I know that both of these conversations affect me deeper then they used to because of our Little Boy is bi-racial and we adopted him when he was born. These conversations spoke dear to my heart and rallied up my emotions on both of these issues. Okay on to the conversations ….

Conversation #1
Today I had a conversation with a woman about someone in her family that was dating a BLACK man. I put the word in bold because everytime she said it she acted as though he was the worst thing that could possibly happen to her daughter and her family because he was black. I kept thinking to myself surely she is not truly a person in high authority and has these thoughts. Surely she has forgotten that my son is BLACK. I wanted to say “HELLO REMEMBER ME, I'M JAMIE AND MY SON … OH YEAH HE IS BLACK”.

Unfortunately I was unable to say anything. I know Aaron has already gotten on to me about this, but honestly it was not a time that I could. Lots of people around, the conversation was about something serious (not this) and this was kinda just thrown in there.

Here is the deal for us people that call ourselves Christians. We are here to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Read the verse I typed above. Love each other as I have loved you. It doesn't say love white people. It doesn't say love Americans. It says love each other.

This lady represents the most subtle form of racism. She feels as though she (being white) is better than him (being black) and doesn't want to be associated with him. Who is she to think this? I am very much aware that there are people in our country that feel this way and I just pray that my boys don't have to deal with this much in their lifetime.

I have heard this before … I have nothing against black people, I just don't want my kids to date any of them. WOW – I wish they would actually listen to themselves. RACISM

I can HONESTLY say that I will be happy with whomever my boys decide to marry. I only ask that she love Jesus and desire to follow him wholeheartedly. She can be purple, Mexican, black, Iranian or whatever it just doesn't matter.

Conversation #2
A lady had a friend that placed a baby years ago and the adoptive family gave their word that they would allow visits for her to watch her baby grow up. A year into it they changed their mind and she hasn't seen him since. What? How could they do that? That is NOT right!

Okay I have been dwelling on this all day and I know now that I need to give this over to God and realize that this is nothing new to him and that he will give me comfort and words to say when needed.

Jamie Ivey