Haiti has changed our life forever.

I went on my first trip to Haiti over Thanksgiving of 2006.  It was a HUGE trip for me spiritually and emotionally.  After we had kids I pretty much figured that my international traveling days were over.  What kind of mom goes off on mission trips while her kids are at home?  My friend Mel asked me if I wanted to go on this trip and we prayed about it and decided that I should go.

God moved my heart that week for a country that I barely knew existed before then.  He moved my heart for a people group that has so much against them.  God moved my heart towards the country that would birth two of my children.

After my trip I came home and wanted to read as much as I could about people living and serving in Haiti.  That is how I found the Livesays and Real Hope for Haiti.  From that first trip I just knew that God would do something with our hearts and this country.

Almost one year later we began our adoption process from this country that I had only visited once in my life!  One and a half years later from my first trip, Aaron and I led a group of friends (the girls you see in the picture) to Haiti to experience all that I had seen my first trip.  Oh and a small interesting tid bit about those girls is that after that trip 3 of them now have children in Haiti that they are adopting.  Gotta love that!

Since we started our adoption we try to visit our children there every 3-4 months.  Our daughter joined our family in October 2009 and hopefully our son will be home in early 2010.

Even after our children are home from Haiti we'll always be connected there.  We are proud of our children's heritage.  We pray that God would mold their hearts to love his people and possibly lead them back to Haiti to minister to their home country.  We look forward to many more trips to Haiti over the years.

Haiti has forever changed our hearts.