Last night Aaron and I went to the Longhorn game versus OSU and we had so much fun.  We started our night at Vivo's and of course stuffed our face so full of chips and salsa that we had to roll ourselves into the game and probably had onions and garlic seeping out of our pores.

We texted our host, Nick, and asked him where to meet him.  He gave us instructions that we clearly butchered and somehow ended up in some special room with some people that looked very important and were enjoying nice food and drinks while waiting for the game to start.  We were clearly in the wrong spot, but we were in.  One of the ladies that was monitoring the room clearly could tell we were looking for someone and she said to us “well you got in somehow you might as well enjoy yourself!”.  So we did just that!

Finally we found Nick and he took us downstairs to check out the practice courts and such and then we walked to our seats right at game time.  Oh was this so much fun for me.  We came in through a special tunnel and had seats four rows up at half court.  It was so fun!

Then three girls in front of us were being  … how shall I say this …. distracting with their actions towards each other.  I felt as though everyone around us was wondering what the heck was going on, so I kindly tapped her on the shoulder and told her that they should chill because everyone was laughing at them.  I clearly thought I was being nice and helping a fellow woman out … oh no she was pissed.  I'll leave you with the fact that it might be since high school that someone has looked at me and said F*** you!  Yeap!  Lovely.  I felt bad for even saying anything especially since we were sitting with the Barnes family and 3 pastors from our church.  What the heck had I started?!?!?!

At halftime we were in the room chilling and I noticed the press conference table set up, so how could I not get up there and have Aaron take pictures of me!

Here I am calling on the next question …


More laughing …

Uh-Oh now you've got me upset … NO MORE QUESTIONS.  WE ARE DONE HERE.

We had so much fun!  Hopefully I didn't embarrass Aaron or our hosts too much by calling out the girls in front of me and making Aaron take pictures of me at the press table.

Jamie Ivey