Sometimes I wonder if a few white lies are really that bad. I mean how much harm can it do to not tell the WHOLE truth about something.

This morning after my run at the gym I was minding my own business in the locker room getting dressed. There was another woman in there, but I barely noticed she was there b/c I had a 100 things going on in my head and was in a hurry. I want to let you in on our conversation that happened this morning. Let's see if we can count how many white lies there are ….

Setting: locker room at the gym, both of us getting dressed after shower ….

Lady: Are you single?

Me: No, I'm married.

Lady: Oh, you have any kids?

Me: Yes I have four kids. (I always say four b/c it's too much to explain half are here half are there, etc.)

Lady: OH MY GOSH! (glancing over my body up and down) you look awesome. I can't believe you have had four kids. You are so skinny.

Me: (pondering for a milli second on whether I should tell her that 3 of them didn't come out of me) … oh gosh, THANKS!

Lady: You must work out a lot.

Me: (wondering if I should tell her that I just got the gym membership two days ago and just got new shoes) …. oh yeah, I try to.

Lady: Your husband must have a good job.

Me: well, yeah he does.

Lady: you must have a good job too.

Me: oh i stay home with the kids.


Lady: How old are your kids?

Me: 5, 4, 4 & 2.

Lady: twins?

Me: (once again … way too hard to explain and it would blow my cover) … um yeah.

Lady: (glancing over my body yet again) wow and you had twins.

By this point I'm certain I'm going straight to hell and trying to make sure she doesn't follow me to pick up my kids and realize they are both black and I'm white. It would ruin my whole game.

There was a part of me that felt awful for how this went down and yet another part that enjoyed her gawking over my body! I mean I DO HAVE FOUR KIDS!