No church for us today. I LOVE our new church and hate to miss (isn't that a cool feeling!), but today the little one is under the weather. He started with fever last night and today still has fever. He is now napping and I haven't heard a peep out of him. I think he just feels poopy today.

I do hate when my kids are sick. It is so sad. It is funny how I am realizing that they each handle things differently. For example, when big boy is sick he seems to just act “bad” and usually gets in trouble all day long until I finally realize that he is sick and is acting that way because he doesn't feel well. Little boy is whiny and wants to be held. I don't mind that at all and cherish holding my boys when they truly need me! It makes me feel special that they just want to be with me.

Isn't it funny how people in life can deal with things so different and be going through the same thing. For me I just want to be held. When things aren't going as they should I need someone that loves me so much to just be with me and hold me. I am not a retreat kind of person, I am a take-care-of-me kind of person when things aren't going as they should.

Just like little boy wants me to hold him today and I was more than willing to do this for him while he wasn't feeling well is exactly how our heavenly Father is. He desires to hold us and guide us always when we are in need. We have to be willing to let him do this for us. Don't retreat when things aren't going as they should, crawl up into your Heavenly Father's arms and allow him to comfort you for as long as you need it. He desires to do this, just as I desire to do this for my boys.

On a seperate note, God has graciously allowed me to sleep until 8 AM two days in a row. My boys have slept later than usual and I have been able to sleep later than usual as well. I have been so tired this week and the extra hour has done me VERY well. Thanks God for giving me just what I needed! Now with all my extra energy I'm off to clean some yucky bathrooms! Big Boy is potty training and pp always seems to drip all the way down the side of the toilet …. that is a whole other post though ….. off to clean!