I was going through old blogs and I found this draft that I never finished from Feb 24.  It's clearly not a finished blog, but there are some great links in here that you don't want to miss!  Enjoy!


Guys my mind is so scrambled lately I can hardly get my thoughts down on paper for you to read.  I ran into a new mom (via adoption) the other day and I have some things I want to share about our conversations.  I literally saw myself in her eyes 13 months ago.

Last week I was honored to have part of our love story shared over at Danielle's blog.  If you didn't catch it, check it out.  I gush and gush over loving my hubby!  Love that man!  This summer we'll celebrate 10 years together!

This week I read two blogs about adoption that I think you should read.  If you are in the process I would say you must read.  Adoption is beautiful, but underneath that beauty is darkness.  It is very messy.  It is very hard.  It is something you can't even begin to explain until you too have stood there and walked through it.  Go over to Kristen's blog and read “Orphan Care isn't Sexy”and the other Kristen's blog and read “how orphan care isn't sexy” and tell me what you think!  They are both such great writers and articulate all I want to say very well!  I'll try to compose my opinions on this over the weekend!

Jamie Ivey