Last year I declared a day when we were all going to write letters to people. I think I creatively called it “letter writing day” or something brilliant like that. Every once in a while I declare something and declare we're going to do it daily/weekly/monthly and then of course you guessed, we never do it again. Anyhow … enough about my consistency failures as a parent, today I do want to talk about letter writing.

When's the last time you sat down and wrote someone a letter, put a stamp on it, and mailed it? For me, it's forever ago. Probably last time I declared “letter writing day” at the Ivey house.

But I LOVE getting mail. I mean LOVE it. That's part of my love with Birchbox and StitchFix. {getting samples and clothes doesn't hurt either!!}

I love getting Christmas cards as well. Going to the mailbox and knowing that there's something good in there is so fun, when usually you're getting junk, bills, or jury duty requests. One year my mother-in-law did one of the nicest things for me ever. She had a bunch of her friends, that I didn't know, send me Christmas cards. Every day a handful would come in and it made my day! I'll never forget that act of kindness.

Dare I say that I want to commit to writing a letter every week for this year. Oh my that's a huge commitment. Anyone want to try with me? Oh my word this is huge. I think we can do it though. I have a friend that is baking a cake each week for someone. That's 52 cakes in a year. Every single bit of those cakes are homemade. If she can do that, we can write letters! I might make her my first letter recipient so that I can get one of her tasty cakes!

So, if you are in, then let me know.  Leave me a comment with who you are writing your first letter to.  I'll start.  I'm sending my friend Nancy a letter this week.

In lieu of this great new adventure that we just agreed to {you agreed to this, right??!} I have a fun giveaway for you!  I have told you guys a million times that I love giving stuff away, and I only give away stuff that I know you will love.  Trust me, you will love this!

ginger mail

I heard about Ginger Mail a few months ago, and they are graciously giving one of you guys a free pack from them. Let me explain it for you. Ginger Mail is a service that delivers a variety of greeting cards, stationery items and other fun surprises to your mailbox every 6 weeks! How fun is that? It's like BirchBox & StitchFix – you pay a fee ($15 for each one) and greatness shows up on your door just when you need it.  Don't you just love all these companies make life so convenient for us!

Each pack has a theme so all cards, stationary and other surprise coordinate for that theme. For example my pack was for February and the theme is “warm hearts“. I got a cute birthday card, some cute little stationary, a calendar, and other fun stuff.


Happy letter writing friends! I'm going to use a card from my Ginger Mail pack to write a card today!  To sign up for this great service, click HERE.

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