Recently Cayden has been checking the mailbox every single day in hopes that someone has sent him a letter.  I haven't been sure who was going to write him, but sure enough a few days ago he received a letter from Jack.  This was a great day for him, and has inspired more writing.

Tonight we declared it letter writing night.  Cayden wrote a letter to his Compassion child, Wonsli, and one to Jack.  Deacon wrote a letter to some of his favorite people, Shawnah & Kent.  Amos wrote a letter to his cousin, Lilly.  Story wrote a letter to Mimi for her birthday, which is in December.  She doesn't know the order of her months yet!

I loved it, and hope that they all get letters back.  I think writing letters is not as common any more, and I need to write more letters.  Maybe I'll do that this week.  I'll make this a letter writing week.  Or, maybe we can do this every Sunday.  We'll make Sunday our letter writing days.

letter writingWhen's the last time you wrote a letter that wasn't via email?  Maybe we should all do this more.