I have noticed lately that most of my thoughts that don't involve kids, meals, diapers, bath time, or bed time occur to me during my workouts. This is the first time I've worked out this much since high school. It is hard and most days I dread it, but there is something about being out on the road alone with your thoughts. You can concentrate more and can think things all the way through without any interruptions. For this, I am loving running on the road. At the Y, I plug my head phones into the TV and watch TV, but out on the road it's me, my ipod and my thoughts. LOVE IT!

Today my ipod shuffled from Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Charlie Hall, Faith Hill, John Mayer, Will Smith, Matt Redman, Something Corporate and Spur58. I think that Aaron could have bought me the shuffle since that is what I do, just shuffle from song to song. It keeps things fresh and I never know what is coming up. I can go from “Blessed be your name” to “Getting Jiggy with it” and love it. I only keep one ear plugged with the music so I can hear if the big bad wolf is coming to get me and because my mom said it's not good to workout with your headphones in b/c of blood flow to your ear and your heart …. not sure about that one, but if you can confirm that let me know!

Okay, back to the point of this post ….

As I was running today my mind wondered back to a subject that it has wondered to quite frequently since I read a book last summer called Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for an easy read and a great encouragement. This is Lauren's memoir and it takes you down her journey from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. I loved it.

What it brought my mind to again was lent and ash Wednesday. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am not sure where ash Wednesday or lent originated, or even what it means. Does this make me a bad Christan? I am willing to take the label of bad Christian and ask my questions. Why do people put the ashes on their forehead? What does it represent? Why do they give stuff up for lent? Did I miss this somewhere along my 28 years of church? Is it because I grew up Southern Baptist that I don't know much about either one of these? I am going to research this more and find out where it started, what it means, and what it means for me.

If you have all these answers, I would love to hear them. BUT please don't make me feel stupid if you feel a though I should know this as a believer. I want to know.