This month I'm trying to make sure that I pack my kids lunches every day.  It can be so easy sometimes to let them buy lunch just so that I can sleep later, or not have to go to the grocery store as often as I need to.  I will admit that there has been one day this month so far that they have bought their lunch.  I woke up one morning with a terrible headache, and didn't get out of bed until 10am.  That meant that Aaron was in charge and the kids were going to have to buy their lunch!  I'm not stressing over it, I'm just moving on and keeping on with the lunches each week!


I try to do more than just sandwiches for my kids.  I mean sandwiches are great, but if you don't eat lunch meat your options get smaller and smaller.  Especially when one of my kids doesn't like pb&j.  So, my new favorite thing to pack for my kids is leftovers!  We don't eat a lot of leftovers around here, because we never have enough leftovers to feed our family all over again.  My kids eat a lot of food and there aren't usually a lot of leftovers, so I've been putting them in their lunches.  Their school has a microwave and my kids love being able to microwave their lunches.


This is a great way for me to get good food in their lunches, let's them enjoy heating up their lunch, and keeps the variety for their lunches always changes.