I am absolutely giddy tonight.  I almost can't sleep.  I wish that tomorrow was right now.  You see tomorrow at 11:49 AM I am boarding a plane with Aaron and only Aaron.  Not one child will be there.  I will not have to carry anyone.  I will not have to have 10 requests thrown at me at one time.  I will not have to do anything but be a wife.  Oh I love that!  I love being Aaron Ivey's wife.

I know I've said it a hundred times, but getting away with your spouse is one of the best things you can ever do for your marriage.  Ever.

Aaron told me he had to go out of town for something and I begged to tag along.  To get away for 2 nights and just be with him.  We need it.  I need it.  I need it.

There is a part of me that feels very selfish for wanting to get away so soon after bringing Amos home.  Today marks 12 weeks that he has been home.  Wow!  I had to do a double take after looking at my calendar.  TWELVE WEEKS.  wow.  A part of me feels as though I'm leaving too early, but another part of me feels very comfortable with leaving.  Aaron and I thought lots about this and if we didn't feel 100% comfortable about this we would not have decided to do this.

Amos has come miles and miles in the last few weeks.  We have made HUGE progress.  HUGE.  Some days I see nothing different in him from the other 2 boys and some days he stands out like a sore thumb.  Tonight it was thundering and he freaked out and started crying.  He was so scared and was begging for Papa to come home.  I held him and comforted him and couldn't help to wonder if this was bringing back memories from the quake.  I reassured him that the thunder could not hurt him and that I would never let anything hurt him.  It was great to see him calm down right before my eyes.  He is trusting me so much more than he did 11 weeks ago.

Anyhow, back to tomorrow …. I plan on being with Aaron 100% and enjoying myself at the dinner tomorrow night.  I then plan on sleeping in until I wake up.  Then eating a breakfast bar and laying in bed and watching tv for hours.  I plan on reading in bed and on the balcony.  I plan on relaxing and maybe even finding a place for a hair cut.  I plan to eat lunch with Aaron and just talk.  I plan to sleep with no monitor buzzing in my ears.  I plan to relax and come back a better mom and much more rejuvinated.

So … tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane.