I can really only recall two times in my life where I have been picked up and planted in a strange world where I knew no one around me.  You know you have moments in your life where you will remember that time until the day you die?  Days that have changed your life and impacted who you are today.  Days where you could tear up just thinking about the emotions you experienced on that day.


Day #1 for me was the day I went to my brand new school in 6th grade.  My family moved from a small town to a big town in the middle of the school year and I left all I had ever known my entire life (which to a 6th grader is huge) and was trying to move on.  I don't remember being mad about moving like some kids are and I don't remember hating my parents for taking me away from my friends.  What I do remember, and will for the rest of my life, was my first day at my new school.  I was so scared and nervous the day my mom took me to Quail Valley Middle School.  I knew no one.  We got me all checked in and then some 8th grade office helper walked my mom and I down the halls to my first class at my new school.  After what seemed like forever we arrived at the choir room (how funny that I was in choir for 2 months of my life!!!) and it was there that I had my “moment” that I'll never forget.  I looked at my mom and with tears in my eyes asked her not to leave me.  I told her that I couldn't do it.  I couldn't walk into this room in the middle of class.  Honestly going back to that day still brings tears to my eyes.  I felt so alone and helpless in that moment.  As you can guess my mom left me there and life went on.  I did fine and never was in choir again!


Day #2 was the day my parents left me for college at Dallas Baptist University.  Once again just like the above scene I as at a new place and knew NO ONE. My parents had gotten me all moved in to my new dorm.  The bed was made and books on the bookshelves and it was time for them to leave me.  I remember that same feeling in my stomach of feeling as though I can't do this alone.  I know no one.  I am lost.  I have never been here and my two constants in my life (my parents) are leaving me here alone.  This time isn't as dramatic in my mind because I was 18 years old and much more confident in making friends and being okay, but still it was a moment in time where I felt my world stop and the reality of my aloneness set in.


In all reality these moments are nothing compared to ways that others are transplanted in their lives.  I think about my kids that joined us via adoption from Haiti and how in a matter of hours their lives were forever changed.  They entered a world they knew nothing about and left all they had ever known behind.  Some would say that since they gained so much in their new life that it shouldn't be hard or sad that they left their old world.  I beg to differ, but that's a post for another day ……



This post was inspired by this month's FROM LEFT TO WRITE book club selection TINY SUNBIRDS, FAR AWAY by Christine Watson where the main character, Blessing, experiences the same thing.  Due to family circumstances her life is picked up and moved to a community where she knows no one and feels very different and left out.  Her journey is one that you will enjoy as you laugh, cry and rejoice with her along the way.

I received my copy of this book as part of my membership in the From Left to Write Book Club. Instead of critical reviews, we write posts inspired by the book we've read.

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What have you had to leave behind?  Do you remember a day where you were in a new world and felt all alone?  Leave me a comment about it and I'll chose one winner to get a free copy of this book. (contest ends Wed 5/25 at midnight)