I did almost ALL of my shopping online this year and it rocks! I love it b/c it is EASY! I never get out of my jammies, I drink coffee (or any other fun beverage) and never leave my office chair. Oh how lovely.

Then my favorite part about shopping online is getting packages. Isn't there just something awesome about getting something delivered to your door. I love it so much! It's like a big surprise to see if you still like it, if it fits and if it was worth never leaving your house!

I want to give you a few online orders ideas that you might find helpful for your last minute shopping ideas. Enjoy and have fun shopping!

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Of course I'm super biased about this one, but Aaron's merch store is holding a Christmas special. Get any cd and shirt (not the Haiti one) for only $20. What a great deal. Great stocking stuffers too!



This sweet lady contacted me about offering you, my readers, a super good deal on her beautiful dolls that she created. She's a stay at home mom that had a vision and three years ago made it happen. Each of her friendship dolls comes with the doll you pick and a special book to go along with it. I encourage you to head on over to her site and check out all the dolls. Use this code: 3JK2 to get $10 off any doll purchase. Happy shopping!


Makarios is an amazing organization that serves in the Dominican Republic. They have an online store where you can purchase gifts with a purpose. 25% of the purchase price actually goes directly back to their educational programs! Please head to their “christmas gifts with a purpose” site.