Today is my official last full day of spending time with my new two loves, Amos and Story. It is super bitter sweet for me. I have LOVED EVERY minute with these two kids. Even when Amos was sick and lazy I loved just looking at him and touching him. Even when his hugs weren't returned I just loved the opportunity to feel his body in my arms. I am also so ready to see Aaron, Cayden and Deacon. I miss Aaron lots and it is hard to know that I'm experiencing all this without him. He is awesome for allowing me to do this because I know he would want to be the one here too!

Tomorrow we'll leave here early and my plane doesn't land in Nashville until midnight. UGH. LONG day for me!

Today we're just hanging out. Story is sleeping now and Amos is helping me type this entry!!!

Amos has something to say to you:

hfgnfdgherndfnhrtmrefdbmrefvbdjfdfmfh nxcmjnxnm bjxcl; vu8 ui c cv n cn

That must be creole!!

Amos got a bath this morning and loved it. He would crack up when I would pour the water over his head. We warm up water for the kids and I will tell you that the water is C-O-L-D and it makes me take the quickest showers that I have ever taken! Last Monday night at home I took the longest hot shower because I knew it would be my last for a week.

One thing that is so funny about Amos is that when he is eating candy he will put them all in his mouth and then spit them out and then eat one at a time. Who knows why he does this. Maybe he is used to hiding his food from the other kids to make sure they don't steal it!

Well Amos has a stinky and so I'm off to clean his diaper and I'm sure Story will need a bottle soon. I LOVE being their mommy for one week!

I have had an upset stomach all night and this morning.  Not a big deal, just an inconvenience.  Nothing's coming out either way I just feel super nauseated.  🙂 Lori just hooked me up with some medicine so hopefully I'll feel better soon!