It was about a month ago that I heard about an open casting call that KVET was having.  As soon as I heard it I knew that I had to apply.  I had no idea what to say or do, but if you truly know me you know that I would LOVE a job like this.  LOVE it.

So I did it.  I sent in my demo.  My demo was put online.  Voting began.  YOU PEOPLE VOTED YOUR FACES OFF.  I came in #1 with the percentages.  Then I had to wait for them to pick the top 5.  I made it.  They picked me.

Now here we are at the real test.  This week all of us 5 contestants will go in and get our chance at this job.  Starting Monday from 7-9am each day you'll get to hear each of us on the radio.  Monday is Clayton.  Tuesday is David.  Wed is DJ Duck.  Thursday is ME!  Then the following Monday is Heath.  If you live in Austin you can hear us on your radio at 98.1 or you people out of town or if you're already at work that day you can listen online.  Head on over to and you can see where it says “listen live” and you can listen on your computer.  I've been doing that every morning for a while and it's super easy!

Here I go!  I'm so excited about this and so nervous too.  I honestly think I'm more excited than nervous at this point, but ask me on Wed night and see how I feel!

Several people have asked, “so do you REALLY want this job or did you just enter and you never expected this to happen?” – the answer to that is YES I want this job.  I really want it!!!  I would love it!

So … set a reminder on your calendar for Thursday morning from 7-9 and you can hear me!

*Here's the photo I sent in to represent me!  My fabulous friend Kim took it.  Check out her new  business – Coati Photography!

Jamie Ivey