Moving into a house that needs so much work is fun and also stressful. We have wanted to update as much as we can, but also save as much money as we can as well. Mostly this means that Aaron (and lots of friends helping) is doing ALL the work. So far, he has painted the whole entire house. He has torn out cabinets in kitchen. He has ripped up every floor in the house and just recently made a “secret” door between the boys room and the play room. I'm so amazingly proud of him. He is doing so much for our family!

Our kitchen needed some updating and we were excited about making it our own. We went back and forth with the thought of putting in new cabinets. I mean, hello! they are expensive! We had a great cabinet guy come out and give us a quote. He gave us some amazing specs that looked fabulous, but were a lot more than we had budgeted. That led us to IKEA where we just bought our own boxes and none other than Aaron Ivey will be putting them all together! I love that man!

We are super excited about how it's going to look and saved lots of money by putting it together ourselves. Aaron is my hero with this house project!

Of course it will look just like this when we are done:


We really did get these cabinets and that sink, but we'll see how it ends up!

Here are some before pictures:



I took these pictures today after Aaron pulled all the cabinets out:




We went back and forth forever with colors to paint under the chair rail:


Instead of color I think we are going to do this:


We are still deciding though.  The top color is done and chair rail is done.  We just need something below.  It might get painted the same as the top until we get moved in and live there to get a feel for what we want!

In the kitchen I had a chalk board wall painted on a small wall that can't be seen from the living room. I plan to put scripture there that I can read throughout the day to remind me of who I am and who I serve.

I also have a magnetic wall in the “mud room” so that I can put all my Christmas card photos up. 🙂

I can't wait to show you the progress that Aaron makes on this kitchen. We officially move in to this house in NINE days. Floors and cabinets …. Aaron says it can be done!