I'm leaving for Haiti next Monday.  I have been collecting things since May to take there, but right now the plans are changing.  Licia sent me some items that the people in the village need.  So I will be going to the store to collect some of these items.  If you would like to donate anything, feel free to get them to me before Friday so I can pack them.  If you would like to donate cash, get that to me before Friday too and I can take it to them so that they can get new stuff for the people that lost everything.

Here are some things that households will need.  Keep in mind that some of these things I can't take down there, but some we can.

This is a list that would cost someone $60 US to replace what they need:

To replace kitchen items:
small iron pot
6 spoons
6 plates
small basin to wash dishes in
large iron pot
1 cooking spoon
6 cups
metal stand to cook on

All this for $60US

Twin mattress (no box spring) with a metal frame to lay on $160
double mattress (no box sprin) with a metal frame to lay on $300

1 cup of rice $0.89
1 gallon oil $10.50
1 cup of beans $0.76
1 cup of sugar $0.32
1 cup of flour $0.32
If you would like to sponsor a family for $60 let me know – I can get pictures for you too while I'm there!  This would change their life.  They lost it all and their kitchen items can be replaced for $60 – I just bought a  new item for my kitchen for $60.  It just doesn't make sense does it?

For other things that the RC and clinic always need click HERE.

Jamie Ivey