Oh my word I have a first grader now. Cayden made it through kindergarten and they graduated him! I love that there is a kindergarten graduation for these sweet kids. It was so sweet and when the principal started telling all the years that these kids would graduate high school and then college and then graduate school I started to feel so old!

Cayden had a great first year of school and learned so much. He is reading lots of new words each day and has really enjoyed soaking up everything he can learn. He is a thinker and really enjoys knowing stuff. It can be rather annoying with all the questions he asks, but when I remember that God is building his curiosity I love it.

Here are some pictures from this fun time:


Talking to Daddy right after graduation since he was out of town.



Mom and the graduate:


Cayden and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Kirkland:



And last but certainly not least another picture of Story acting like she owns the place:


Next year

Jamie Ivey