Adoption is hard. Leaving your kids in Haiti is hard. Days, weeks, months and years go by while you visit and the kids stay in Haiti. You always go home. They always stay.

Then one day. You get to take them home. It is very hard to imagine this ever happening during those visits, but let me tell you I'm living it. My baby girl is home. But yet my baby boy is not. I'm still living this nightmare of leaving a child when I visit.

My friend Kim just visited her son Frankie for the second time and her husband met HIS SON for the first time. Oh I love hearing these stories.

Please go to HER BLOG and read her thoughts on leaving Frankie. It will tear your heart out. Be prepared. Her words are raw and you will get a small insight into the world of loving a child that you don't get to bring home. It is heart wrenching. Thanks for sharing Kim.

Here's a picture of us with Frankie last December:

Picture 9

Jamie Ivey