As a mama to four teenagers, I’m trying to make sure they know a few things before they leave my house for whatever is next in their life. First, and most importantly, I want them to know that God and their parents deeply and forever love them. I want them to know that their life matters to our family, their community, and the church. I also want them to know that they have the ability to change the world that is right in front of them with the good news of the gospel.




That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it? Ha! Some days, I wonder if they know any of these to be true and other days I feel like we’re doing okay. One of the things I’ve learned about parenting is that it is a lot of repetition. So many days, weeks, and months (and might I add years – sorry to scare you!) you feel like you are saying the same things over and over and over again. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you are doing that exact thing, and here’s the good news – you should be doing that exact thing!





Think about this for a minute. I am 43 years old and I still need to be reminded of all the things that are true about me. I need to be reminded that the Father deeply loves me. I need to be reminded that what I am doing in life matters to the people around me. I need to be reminded that I have the ability to change the world that is right in front of me. 


If I have been hearing these same things over and over again and still need reminding, how much more do you think our kids need that same reminding?



God Made You To Be You, is that gentle reminder for your kids. It’s the story of Sammy the cactus who has some pretty amazing friends who remind him of what is true of himself and what is true about God. 


My prayer for this book is that as you read it to the little kids in your life, that you both will be reminded that God indeed does have a purpose for each of us! 


God made you to be you, and me to be me!


God Made You to Be You, And Me to Be Me!


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