Guys, I wrote a kids book!

This is a story about learning the importance of being yourself! God Made You to Be You will delight and encourage the little ones around you with the reminder that God has a special purpose and plan for each of us!

Sammy the cactus is stuck

—sticky stuck in the ground to be exact, with no way to move, run, or roam. Snake can slither. Hawk can soar. Jackrabbit can hop. But Sammy? He must stay rooted in one spot. This makes him sad, and he begins to wish he could be more like his desert friends.

But could there be a reason Sammy is planted in one place? In this fun, rhyming board book for children ages 2-6, Sammy discovers that God made him sticky stuck on purpose so that he can help his community of friends!

A story about learning the importance of being yourself, God Made You to Be You is sure to delight and encourage young readers with the reminder that God has a special purpose and plan for each of us!


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About the Author

Jamie Ivey loves creating things that help people believe the truths about who God made them to be. She does this mostly through her popular podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and through multiple books for women. Now she’s taking this passion to a younger generation. As a mama to four kids, she knows the value of kids learning early on that God made them to be themselves! Her whole family plus two dogs live in Austin, Texas, and they all love to visit the West Texas desert as often as possible! ​


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