Theology is such a big word. Sometimes it seems like it’s reserved for adults and much too big a word for kids. I disagree. The definition of theology is actually, “
the study of the nature of God and religious belief”, so that doesn’t seem to be just for big people. Kids can start to talk about the nature of God as soon as they can carry on a conversation. As parents, we can begin to think that talking with our kids about God is for the church, or for when they are older. The tendency is to get scared and not know where to start and think that you can talk about these things when they are older and more mature.

I’m here to encourage you that YOU CAN have conversations with your kids about God, and YOU SHOULD be having conversations about God with your kids. The truth of the matter is that their ideas and beliefs will be formed somehow, and by someone. My hope for all of us is that our kids can begin to trust us, to listen to us, to discuss religious things with us, all with the hopes that they would decide to follow Jesus.

Remember, talking about God with your kids does not save them. In fact, teaching them about God doesn’t save them either. God is the only one that can save them, but what an honor to be able to be a part of their journey towards salvation.

Here is a list of books that we have enjoyed in our home over the years:

All of these books are a great support to a household full of conversations about things that matter. Remember that talking about things that matter with your kids doesn’t have to be planned out and orchestrated with everyone sitting around the living room wondering what this big thing is that mom and dad want to talk with them about. Instead, it is a conversation that happens in a natural way over time. It might start with something from these books, or it might begin with something you saw on the news. No matter how it starts, my biggest advice is to make it happen. You can talk to your kids about theology. You are their parent. You are the best person for this job!