This week we have played outside lots and I love it.  I love dirty boys at the end of the day.  I love washing dirt and all kinds of stuff off of our hands before dinner.  It makes me feel good to see my boys playing outside.  Cayden has turned into a little boy and loves being out there all day long.  Deacon still gets tired and wants to rest lots more.

Recently there have been kids from next door over in the backyard and they usually play very well together back there.  We are not used to this, because these kids don’t live there, but are just there while their parents work on the house to get it ready to sell.

Seeing the kids out there playing all evening has got me thinking about fears of mine that I have with my kids playing with other friends.  I love to have the kids in our backyard, but not so sure I’m ready to let Cayden play in someone else’s backyard.  How old is old enough to do that?  I’m not ready to not to be able to monitor everything that goes on in front of my kids.

When we move to a new house I want a great backyard.  I want to be the cool backyard so all the kids want to come and play at our house.  I want to be the cool mom.  Anyone else share these feelings with me?

I have a fear of something happening to my kids when they are at someone else’s house.  Not a fear of them getting hurt or scraping their knee, but a fear of some form of abuse happening to them.  Not sure why, but I fear that for my kids.  I want to always be able to see them and hear them and know what is going on in their playtime.

Today the kids next door came in to use the bathroom and when they were in they started playing.  I told the little boy to run next door and tell his mom where he was and ask if it was okay.  I told him it was fine with me, but ask his mom.  He came back and said his mom said he had to stay outside and not inside.  I sent him on his way as my boys continued to play.  This got me thinking about this topic again.  In no way was I offended, b/c I would NEVER let me kids play in someone's house that I did not know VERY well and know everyone that was in that house.
Now, I know that my kids are young, and this could explain some of my fears, but what age is old enough to send your kids off to the neighbor's yard?