I thought I would post some pictures for you guys of some of the beautiful kids at the Rescue Center in Haiti. This place is very dear to my heart since my beautiful son, Amos, arrived here at 9 months old weighing in at 13 pounds. It was here that Lori and Licia and the wonderful women that work there nursed his little body and helped him become healthy again.

Faith and Hope. These are the twins that Licia has talked about on her blog before. They have come so far and looked great. They have a family that will be adopting them – praise God! (Lori S. could you get this to their parents?)


How cute is this smile?


Visit Licia's blog (jan 11th entry) to see how you can pray for this little boy.

He was one of the happiest kids I met in the RC. I LOVED seeing his face shine and light up when I brought my camera out. I took the most pictures of this sweet little boy because his spirit was so sweet and his smile captivated my heart.


Here's that smile I was telling you about:


I LOVED this girl. Leonie (I think) was hilarious and always laughing and smiling. If she needs a home, she would be a blessing to any home.


Not long and she'll be home in IN with her new family. I loved her too. She loved on Story all the time and has the sweetest little spirit.


Jamie Ivey