A lot of people have asked about our kids and what orphanage they are from.  The truth of the matter is that where they are coming from is not an orphanage at all.  It is a rescue center.  It is run by Licia, and her sister Lori runs the clinic.  They have lived in Haiti for many years and have a great thing down there.  The goal of the rescue center is to take in kids that are severely malnourished and get them well and then send them back home with their parents.

I love to see updates from her about kids going home to their parents.  Go visit her site today to see pics of kids who have been given a new life and are now being sent back to their family.  Can you imagine not knowing what is wrong with your child and not knowing what to do.  You don't have the means to get medical help, and you don't even have the means to feed them once a day and sometimes none at all during a day.  Then you take them to the clinic in Cazalle and they tell you that they will feed them 3 times a day, give them free medicine and do all they can to get them better.  WOW – what a blessing this family is to Haiti.


If you are wondering what to do with your tax refund this year, maybe you could send some to this family doing great work in Haiti.  It will go to good use, I can promise you that.

Real Hope for Haiti

P.O. Box 23

Elwood, IN 46036