Last night I saw the Men's basketball twitter say they had tickets up for $3 for today's game against Rice, and so I thought this would be fun!  Aaron left to go out of town this morning, and so what a better way for a mom to spend the day with her kids than at the basketball court!

Let me just say here that Aaron and I perfect for each other.  Literally perfect.  BUT we don't both like the same things.  Maybe that's why it works, I'm no marriage expert, so I can't answer that one.  I love sports.  Aaron loves music.  I took the boys to their first baseball game, and today I took the kids to their first basketball game.  I've taken Cayden to his first football game as well.  If someone gave us two tickets to a sporting event, and they weren't in a suite, because let's be honest, watching anything in a suite is awesome, Aaron would tell me to take a friend.

The same goes for Aaron getting two tickets to a music event.  Let's be honest I'm a loser companion at a music show/festival, whatever you call those things.  I go for the fun times and to be with Aaron, but I don't get it.  Honestly just between you and me most of it all sounds the same.  I once went with aaron to a Coldplay concert and asked him when they were going to play that song ‘Beautiful Day'.  Yeap, I said that.  I know.  Awful.

{Now this doesn't count country music.  I love it and Aaron if you are reading this, here's hint #487 that I want to go to George Strait's final concert.  I need to be at this.  I grew up on George.  Didn't we all?}

I wasn't sure what time we should get to the gym.  I mean if you are there too early the kids could get bored pretty soon.  If you are there too late, then you are in everyone's way as you find your seats.

Longhorn game kids

We found our seats and let me tell you we were 4 away from the top of the building.  I just knew at any moment one of my kids was going to trip on a stair and go rolling down the balcony all the way tot he bottom.

Longhorn game 1

Now when you look at this picture from our seats do you see the same thing I see?

I'm talking about tons of empty seats WAY CLOSER to the court than we are being 4 rows from the very top.  So, I made my kids get through the first half, because sure enough as soon as we sat down they all were about to die from thirst.

Finally we all got what we needed.  Cayden a snow cone.  Amos, Deacon & Story cotton candy.  And well, for me …. I am so embarrassed to say that I can not go to an event at the Erwin Center and not get nachos.  It's awful.  I have tried to not get them.  But somehow they call my name.  I seriously hear them calling my name.  All that nasty nacho cheese is yelling, “Jamie, you must eat me.  It's only a few times a year.  It doesn't matter.  Eat me.”.  I kid you not.

Longhorn game cotton candy

Needless to say the kids were happy with their cotton candy.

The people in front of us, not so much.  They only got kicked in the head about 37 times from Deacon & Story.  Poor kids didn't mean to, but seriously when they sit in the seats their feet hang right about head level of the people in front of us.  I apologized 37 times and they seemed to get understand because they too had kids with them.

We found new seats much closer to the court.  Had I been at this game minus four little ones I would have went for seats even closer, but they don't do well when walking through aisles to get to seats that aren't really yours.

longhorn game 2

The game was good and I would give the kids a solid 8 out of 10 for behavior.  I could have less of the kicking people in front of me and whining because you will die of thirst, but basketball games aren't really that long, so we did well! If you're an avid fan of the game of basketball, you can bet on your favorite NBA teams on W88.

Last time I went to a Longhorn basketball game I got into a scuffle (words, not fists) with some girls in front of me.  Oh I love that story so much.  Not this time.  I had kids with me.  I'm staying out of people's business.

So, fun day at the basketball court with the Ivey's.  Oh and congrats to Coach Barnes on his 350th win as the Texas Longhorns head coach!  Glad we were there to celebrate with him!