A few weeks after Amos had been home (jan 23) I wrote a post asking for help!!!  I stated that if you have four kids I need to know your secrets.  Oh was it fun reading what all 47 of those comments suggested I do.  At that time I felt as though I was drowning and couldn't even catch a breath of air.  Going from 2 to 3 was hard back in October, but then 3 to 4 was butt kick hard.  Not sure that's a phrase, butt-kick, but now it is.

One of my favorite things that I have taken to heart since then was how someone told me that they let their kids pick out their own clothes.  She said that sometimes they go out mismatched and crazy looking, but it's one less stress that she has to deal with.  I loved that and I have taken that to heart these days!  I had always been okay with dress up clothes, but I also laid out their clothes each night and would fight about it every day.  Ugh!

Amos is a weirdo and gets dressed as soon as he wakes up and usually shows up in my room when I'm still in bed fully clothed.  So he gets himself his own clothes.  Deacon also dresses himself and does great.  Cayden would prefer to wear pajama pants and no shirt all day long, so he only gets dressed when I demand he gets dressed.

I don't care if my kids don't match.  I don't care if they have on a costume.  I don't care if they have on 4 pairs of underwear.  I just don't care.  That is one less stress that I don't have to worry about.  🙂

I admit that if we're going somewhere nice I would maybe help their choices, but actually I can't think of the last time I took any of my kids somewhere nice!  Wow, who would do that with four kids!

So, here's some of the clothing choices these boys have gone with.


2008 bike ride with dad


red & orange.  Not so much.  Rain boots?  You never know.


We went through a stage where we wore capes everywhere!


Yes, Cayden has a wig on!


Don't think that fits Cayden.  Yes we went to the store like this!


Yep we're in Target.  Marathon medal, too big sweat shirt & of course shin guards!


Not so good at matching!  But who cares?


This is when Cayden made himself a vest so he could be a real cowboy.  We did go out to dinner like this, but I did ask him to put a shirt under his vest!


See that red apron Amos has on.  Yes he wears it everywhere!  Who cares?


Cayden is “peter pan” in this picture.  Yes we were on our way into a restaurant!

Do you let your kids go out in anything they want?