I can't ever go to the Austin airport and not remember two of the best days of my life.  It wasn't returning from an awesome vacation with Aaron (although we have had some of those), or picking up Aaron from a long trip away.  Nope the days I remember are when we brought our kids home from Haiti.  Our treacherous journey ended there at that baggage claim.  Our kids were finally home and we were complete as a family.


Earlier this week we went to an airport homecoming for our dear friends the Stewart's, and in an instant I was taken back to when we walked down those stairs with Amos and Story.  I was so excited for them, and as I watched my son be excited for them I was moved.  Literally 3 years, 7 months and 18 days earlier it was him coming down those steps.  He was timid, scared, and unattached to anyone in his life.  Now my son is thriving.  He loves his family.  He accepts our love.  He's a different kid, and I have been honored to journey through that with him.  What a joy it is that God chose me to be this kids momma.


A girlfriend asked me if this was hard for Amos and I told her that I expected some behavior issues to follow that night, since some other homecomings have brought those out.  Feelings arise in him about these things and they are hard to deal with and sometimes kids just act out when they don't know how to deal with things.  I was prepared.  Instead my child was a bit more introverted that night, but he was so over the moon excited for Kelly.  He remembers coming home.  He remembers being afraid.  He has prayed for Kelly to not be scared and to love his new family.


As I tucked Amos in that night I told him that they day he came home was one of the best days of my entire life.  He smiled his gorgeous big smile and pulled me close to give me the biggest hug.  He asked if I was serious about it being one of the best days of my life.  OF COURSE it was you silly head!  He gave me another huge hug, and I held back the tears.  I love this kid so much!  I'm one blessed momma to get to be his momma!

 2013-09-11_020All pictures our courtesy of The Archibald Project.  Please check out their site for some great adoption stories.  Here's our story with them, and here's the Stewart's story.  The Archibald Project exists to advocate for the orphan.  Their stories serve to educate and inspire people towards adoption. 

Jamie Ivey