I'm afraid I'm not the biggest holiday celebrater (yes I just made that word up!).  I think I always chalk this up to me not being crafty or artsy, and therefore holiday's don't get celebrated very well around here.  I desire more than this, but it's so hard!  This year I'm determined to do something with my kids for Easter.  I found a recipe for Empty Tomb Cookies that I'm going to dedicate this Saturday night to with my kids.  What fun!

We don't do Santa or the Easter bunny around here and that's okay with me.  (Jen Hatmaker talks about this on her blog much better than I ever could & in her book 7 – which I highly recommend)  For some reason I can't muster up the strength to celebrate a man in a red suit or a bunny when it's really about Jesus.  Here me say this loud and clear:  I DO NOT JUDGE YOU OR THINK LESS OF YOU IF YOU DO.  There I said it!  For real!  This is a decision our family made early on, and we've stuck to it.  It's not that we don't go sit on Santa's lap and get the mandatory family picture each year, or hide eggs in our yard and hunt them, we just don't celebrate Easter bunny and Santa when Jesus is also in the picture.

So, like you I've been searching the internet for ways to make this Easter all about Jesus and what he did for us.  Kelly over at FAITHFUL PROVISIONS listed out several Easter ideas. My favorite and the one I'm determined to try out is the EMPTY TOMB COOKIES.  I love this idea and cant' wait to try!

Kristen at WE ARE THAT FAMILY blogged about 10 fun ways to keep Easter about Jesus.

I'm really wishing that I would have started my search for Easter ideas sooner and I would have done this COUNTDOWN TO EASTER that I found on this blog.  So fun and I just might work on this and do it all in one night.  Why not?!  It's my Easter celebration, I can do it whenever I want, right?!?!

I need to know how you keep Easter about Jesus.  Send me your craft ideas, family night ideas, recipes, whatever it is I want to know!!!  If you blogged about it, send me the link so we can all go “pin” it and remember it for next year!

Easter 2010

Easter w/ friends 2010

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