So I told you I wouldn't blog about this every day, but it's time for me to lay on the ground and beg for you to continue to vote for me over at KVET's website for the dj position I sent a demo in for.  Oh my word this is fun!  What a challenge this is and you know I love a good challenge.

The thing is that I know that I have some great friends/readers/bloggers/twitterers/facebookers (just made up most of those words!!!) that can spread the word about something and I need you to do that now.  🙂  Tell your friends to vote for me!  I am not sure when the voting ends.  I thought Friday, but it says online up until the 21st, which is Monday.  BUT it also says that after the top 10 are decided through YOUR VOTES then the station people pick five and those five come in one day during the week of 2/21 and get to be the dj for the day.  🙂

My goal right now is top ten.  I love to compete and even better to win, so this is such a fun competition for me!  I seriously think I would be good at this gig, and would love it, so the added bonus would be to win, but I'm also a bit of a realist and know that I have not one ounce of experience in radio, but I do have experience with talking, having discussions, sharing my opinions and having fun.  Those things I can do!

Okay ……

Will you vote today?

And tomorrow?

And tell a friend?

Head over to the KVET website and then find the CASTING CALL button and go there.  Or just CLICK HERE and I'll take you there.

Then find my name – JAMIE IVEY – I'm all the way on the right about four rows down.  Click to listen.  Giggle a bit.  Critique if you would like.  Then click the button next to my name if you would be so inclined.  Then go to the bottom and VOTE!


Oh and here's a random picture of Deacon because he's just that cute!  He was dressed up as some kind of super hero, but he doesn't look to super heroish to me!  Love that kid!

Jamie Ivey