I am the mom that is so ready for extra curricular activities. I know I'll probably be eating my words in a few years when I have 4 different kids at 4 different soccer fields and Aaron's on the road. Ask me then how much I love extra curricular activiites!

Big Boy is 3 and I'm so ready for him to be doing something. I thought about gymnastics but Aaron and the rest of the SPUR boys weren't thrilled with that idea.

I found out that 3 year olds can do karate so we called and got him in a class. They actually let you try it out for free at first in case it doesn't work out! Thank goodness!

He cried most of the time and I finally got him out there when I promised he could play outside after karate. 🙂 He was hilarious to watch and the kids called him a girl.

So, they told us we could come back the following week for another “trial” class. All weekend long we talked about karate and how fun it was and he would always respond by saying that “arate” was scary!

Because he was timid about it we decided to not go back to “arate” class. He is only 3 and we have time to let him want to do it. Oh well. I was being pushy and he obviously is not ready for “arate”!

I am thinking about art lessons for the Fall. I called the teacher today and she said that since his young we'll try in the fall and see how he is doing then. He loves to color and actually is really good at it for a 3 year old boy. He is also good at drawing people – good for a 3 year old boy that is! He likes this, so I think we may try that!

Next year we'll be old enough for soccer! Yeah I can't wait!

I honestly have this fear that Big Boy is not going to be into sports. My family is a very sports oriented family. Aaron's family isn't. Not that one is better than the other, but one is foreign to me. I was never in the band or choir. Aaron was never in sports. We bring two different backgrounds to our kids. I'm thankful that they have both – honestly I am. I just want God to prepare me if Big Boy is not going to be athletic. As I read this it sounds silly to be thinking about my 3 year old not being athletic.

I am not saying I will be upset if he is not. I will LOVE whatever he does! Honestly!

Little Boy will probalby be into sports. He loves balls and just seems to be drawn more towards balls and stuff like that. He comes from an athletic background. His birthmom played sports and still is involved in stuff. His biological grandfather is a coach and so I know he has it in his genes.

I know that we'll have lots of various activities ahead in our future. I hope that my kids are well-rounded. I pray that the succeed in whatever God has planned for them, whether it be soccer, playing the drums, singing in the choir, writing plays, acting, performing monologues, playing basketball, karate, playing the guitar, running track, or anything else that he wants them to do! I want the best for them and I want them to be happy and good at whatever they do!