Last weekend I finished Justice in the Burbs and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a difference in this world.  It was an easy read and gave me lots to think about in my life.

Will & Lisa Samson wrote this book and one thing that I love about it is that there is a fictional story woven through the book.  I'm a fiction lover, so this kept me very interested as we went through the book.  One of the things that was comforting about the book was the theme that ran throughout of “bloom where you are planted”.  It is not that easy for us to all pack up and move to an urban neighborhood or downtown Nashville, but we can “bloom where we are planted”.  We can no longer use the excuse that we don't live near the need.  We must do what we can do here, and quite possibly get out of our suburbs and drive to a more needy area to work.  It says that wherever we are … there is the kingdom of God at work.  Love that.

Highly recommend this one!  Go now and get one for yourself and a friend that you love.  🙂