Here are a few things I want you to know about ….

  1. Pray for this family as they make very important decisions about their Haiti adoption.
  2. This person has cool stuff to say.
  3. She got to deliver a baby in Haiti!
  4. Baby Audrey entered into eternity this week with our Savior. This story has brought me to tears many days!
  5. Keep praying for all these kids. They still have t shirts too! You could get a cool shirt and help a great organization!
  6. I want everything that Maggie Moo Designs makes for my sweet Story.
  7. They are in Ethiopia now with their kids!
  8. Laura keeps it real. She is such a joy to read b/c she is real. I love her story and her journey to her kids and her journey now that they are home.
  9. Please keep praying for The Johnson family. They are ready to be back together again with all the kids in one place!
  10. My friend Gwen, who has two precious daughters from China, is writing a book and she wants your help. If you are an adoptive parent please visit her site and see if you can help!
  11. These people leave this week to go and bring their daughter home from China to their forever family.
  12. Matt travels a lot and just recently arrived home from Ethiopia and wrote a great post called “drunk on materialism”.
  13. LOTS going on at the clinic in Haiti.
  14. They are so close to bringing home their kids from Haiti.
  15. Christine is a pastor's wife in OK and she is a great writer. A lot of what she writes about feels as though she is reading my mind. Go read and soak it up. I wish I could sit and have coffee with her!
  16. Found this site called STUFF CHRISTIANS LIKE and it is cracking me up.
  17. Read this entire blog a couple of months ago from the beginning and it shook my soul.
  18. Still reading Three Cups of Tea. I'm having a hard time getting into it. I can tell it will be good and have heard great things about it. I think I'm about to hit a breaking point where it will get very good! Anyone read this?
  19. okay your turn … tell me what you read this week that you want to share …