Juberson: 9 years old
weight when admitted:34
date admitted: Feb 9 2008
current weight 43
Lori went to work on a road they were building up behind the mountain.  She worked all morning and then walked through the village and met juberson.  He is one of 8 children.  The father recently left the family.  The mother is struggling to make ends meet  and be able to feed all the kids.  He gained 4 pounds within the first few weeks he was there.  There was just not enough food to go around.

Praise GOD for the clinic and RC in this child's life.  He is spared and able to live because he was able to receive care.  He will now be able to be reunited with his family in a few months and hopefully live a long life in Haiti.

Would you consider sponsoring Juberson?  It is about $135/month for a child to be cared for.  Can you spare this each month?  If so, maybe you can help ease the burden and take care of Juberson for the next few months that he is with the RC.

Jamie Ivey