Last Christmas Story was here, but we literally had no clue when Amos would be joining our family.  It felt so good to have Story home, but there was an obvious hole in our hearts with Amos missing.  Holidays were always so hard when kids were not here and we were longing for them so much.

To be honest I have struggled this year with my lack of thankfulness and gratitude towards God that all my kids are home.  You would think that I would wake up each day and cry in awe of the fact that what I had begged and pleaded for was now here.  For two in a half years we begged God to bring Amos home.  For about two years we begged for Story to be home.  They are both here.  In my house.  Every morning.  They are here.  Instead of having a heart that overflows with gratitude most days I'm just trying to keep my head above water.  Four kids is a lot of work!

Today the little kids had their Christmas play and I was reminded big time of the miracle that is our family.  God worked a miracle to bring our family together.  Any time a kid comes home to a forever family I believe it is a miracle.  As I sat in that church and watched THREE of my kids in the production I was in awe that Amos was here.  I want to slow down these next few weeks and relish in the fact that this is the Christmas we have longed for.  This is the Christmas where we will all wake up together.  We will all enjoy Christmas breakfast together.  We will all open presents together.  We are together.  Finally.  Finally.

Today I'm thankful for Amos being home and our family being complete. God truly did a miracle in our family's life last January when Amos came home.  This will be our best Christmas yet!

Jamie Ivey