One of my favorite things lately has been asking Cayden about his dreams when he wakes up from nap or in the morning. I have asked him this forever and he usually never answers me. Not sure if he understands what dreams are, but one day he will and I will look forward to hearing about each one.

Usually NO answer, but last week we got an answer. The funny thing is that since then everyday we get the same answer. It goes down about like this:

Mom: Hello sweet boy, did you have any dreams while you were sleeping?
Boy: (shakes head yes with thumb permanetly stuck in mouth for first 5 min after nap)
Mom: What was your dream about?
Boy: Jesus.
Mom: Jesus? Really, what was he doing.
Boy: Reading.
Mom: Reading? What was Jesus reading?
Boy: The bible.

End of conversation.

So, today after nap I walk into their room and am acting cheerful even though I just woke up from a dead sleep nap too, and without me asking our conversation unfolds like this:
Boy: Jesus.
Mom: What, baby?
Boy: I dream Jesus.
Mom: Really, what was Jesus doing?
Boy: On my pillow.
Mom: Jesus was on your pillow while you were sleeping?
Boy: (shake of the head with thumb stuck in it)

End of Conversation.

I LOVE the mind of a child. This morning when they woke up and I finally made it down there Cayden was rocking Elmo (at first I thought he was “nursing” but after a few questions he was in fact rocking and not nursing!) and singing to him. I loved it. Every once in a while I would hear a word that I could make out and he was singing “Jesus loves me”. Oh it was absolutely precious!

These are the moments that I want to remember forever.