A few years ago my husband and his friend Brett wrote a song called “Jesus is Better”. It has rung through my ears and my heart so many times since I first heard it. In fact, I love that song so very much that the last chapter of my book is actually titled JESUS IS BETTER. There have been seasons in my life when I could hardly sing this song without tears streaming down my face. Seasons of wondering where Jesus was, seasons of sorrow that seem to take over my heart, seasons of teaching my heart to believe the truths of God's word by proclaiming them with my lips over and over again.

It's true, isn't it? Jesus is better than _______.

It doesn't matter what you put in that blank, the answer is still always the same. Jesus is always better. Better than success. Better than sorrow. Better than riches. Better than death. HE IS BETTER.

In my book, If You Only Know, I end with this:

The pages of this book are drenched with “me too” tears, poured out over a so-far lifetime of failing and following, failing and following. Yet God has forgiven me, just as God has forgiven you. And even on days where we may see more losing than winning, His faithfulness and forgiveness will hold us together.

For as bad as it’s been, and as bad as it can get, Jesus is better.

Let us all be women who believe that to be true.

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