Lately we've been talking lots at our house about Jesus dieing on the cross for all of our bad stuff. We don't really have “meetings” where we schedule these talks, they just tend to happen. A LOT and I mean A LOT of our conversations are stemmed from our nightly readings of our JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE. If you don't have that one, I highly suggest it. If you know someone with children, this is a great investment into their lives and hearts. Many conversations have come from this book.

Here are two funny things Cayden has said lately about Jesus dieing on the cross:

1. We were driving to school the other day and he just randomly and out of the blue told me that he wishes that he could be Jesus. He would love to go to heaven to see God, walk on water and help people. He paused for a minute and then told me quite matter of a factly that although he would love to be Jesus he did not want to die on the cross. 🙂

2. Last week Aaron and I attended a funeral in Houston of a friend of ours. Our kids were picked up by Kimberly and spent the evening there playing their heads of with her kids, eating dinner and doing homework. Kimberly told us that while they were all sitting around she asked him whose funeral we went to and who died. She said that without even pausing or looking up he just said, “jesus”. Ha! Our five year old thought we were going to Jesus' funeral!