Our adoption of Amos and Story took so long that I sometimes have only bad thoughts in my head about that whole process. I seem to only remember the bad. The 2.5 years without them. The numerous times we left them in Haiti while we came home. The holidays that continued to pass us by as they were in Haiti and we were here. The birthdays. The Mother's Days. The baby dedications. The anniversary's. You see sometimes I think about all that we went through and how awful it was for us.

The thing I sometimes forget is that I serve a God that does things for a reason. I have no clue why he allowed Amos and Story to wait in Haiti for those years without us. It makes no sense to me. I have no idea why he allowed my heart to hurt more than it has ever hurt before, but he did. I have no idea why he allowed hurricanes and earthquakes to demolish the land where two of my kids were living, but he did.

One thing that came out of our wait is that we have a story to tell. A big story to tell. We have a story to tell of how God took our horrible situation and brought good out of it. He brought Amos home to us shortly after the earthquake in January of 2010. As we traveled to Orlando to get Amos we were so blessed to have our great friend and amazing videographer, Jeremy Rodgers, go with us to document our journey. Through that journey Jeremy created this amazing documentary that allowed us to shed light on how much our God journeyed through this with us.

Here is the story if you would like to see it. Feel free to tell your friends about this as well.

You can get this film through Deidox. They now have a 5 for $5 program. For $5 an individual can own the film and give 4 copies to friends. Also, for pastors and church leaders we offer a lifetime subscription for $100. So for $100 pastors/church leaders can own all the Deidox film and any future films we produce.

Jamie Ivey