Recently all three boys started playing basketball at our local rec center.  It is SO nice to only have to drive about 2 minutes to practice and that they are all on the same team.  Cayden barely made the 6 and under cut off to put all of them on one team.  That makes this momma one happy woman.  Only one practice and game schedule to keep up with.  I'm pretty certain the days of that will be over VERY soon!

Cayden is the only white kid on his team and I'm pretty certain he has been the only white kid at their two games that they've had.  This is nothing new to Cayden and not a big deal, because if you think about it he's the only white kid in his family!

Anyhow …. last week at their first game they were warming up (which is a very loose term to use about what goes on at the games!) and Cayden ran over to me and said very enthusiastically …. “mom I'm the only white kid, everyone else is brown.” and then ran off.  I cracked up laughing and so did the brown lady sitting right next to me.  It was quite hilarious.

We won our game last week because of a forfeit and we lost this week because … well we only had 5 kids there and 3 of them were mine and quite frankly none of the Ivey kids have one bit of clue about what goes on out on the basketball court!!!  It is quite funny, except I'm not sure the other kids that are kinda good for their age think it's funny.  🙂